Zoning In

Zoning In aimed to assist music students in developing mental and physical skills for performance. Working with RCM teaching staff, the project team provided students with individually tailored training based on research from four areas:


Learned control of particular frequencies of brain activity associated with states of attention and relaxation.

Mental skills training

Cognitive-behavioural interventions derived from methods employed with elite sportspeople.

Physical activity and exercise

Individually-tailored physical training designed to reduce the effects of performance stress.

Alexander technique

A method of kinesthetic re-education aimed at eliminating unnecessary tension and developing efficient use of the body.

The work of Zoning In has had an impact both within the RCM and in the wider education community. Major outcomes of the project include undergraduate course units on musicians’ health and wellbeing, music psychology, and professional skills, as well as an edited book, numerous peer-reviewed articles, and international performance enhancement workshops.

Project team

Aaron Williamon, RCM (PI)
Christopher Connolly, SyCon
Tobias Egner, Imperial
John Gruzelier, Imperial
Adrian Taylor, DeMontfort
Sam Thompson, RCM
David Wasley, DeMontfort


DeMontfort University
Imperial College London
SyCon: The Sporting Bodymind Group

Supported by

Leverhulme Trust

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Articles in professional music bulletins

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Peak performance workshops

Zoning In: Motivating the Musical Mind (2002). A ten-day performance enhancement workshop for European music students, Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana (Switzerland).

Zoning In: Motivating the Musical Mind (2002). A two-day performance enhancement workshop for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Australia).

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