George WaddellLecturer in Performance Science
Royal College of Music

    George Waddell is Lecturer in Performance Science at the Royal College of Music. He is also a Sessional Lecturer and honorary Research Associate in the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London. His research focusses on the evaluation of performance, including decision-making among judges and audiences and the development of evaluative skills, as well as how technology can be used to enhance how performance is assessed and learned.

    George worked on the TELMI project, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, which sought to develop technologies that enhance instrumental music teaching. He was also a member of the first MedTech SuperConnector cohort, an accelerator for emerging medical technologies. He is Project Manager on the Healthy Performer and HEartS Professional projects, both of which address the health and wellbeing of performers. George designs and leads courses on scientific research methods, the psychology of performance, enterprise and innovation, professional skills, musicians’ health and wellbeing, and the science and practice of performance evaluation. He is a coauthor of the research methods textbook Performing Music Research (Oxford University Press).

    George holds a PhD in Performance Science from the RCM. He completed his BMus and MMus in piano performance at Brandon University (Canada) while studying psychology. He was awarded the Brandon University Gold Medal for the Master of Music Degree, was a recipient of the Manitoba Graduate Scholarship, and holds an ARCT Diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. He is a Consulting Editor for the journal Musicae Scientiae and an Associate Editor for Frontiers in Performance Science.


    Current projects

    Healthy Performer
    HEartS Professional
    MedTech SuperConnector
    Songs from Home
    Time to Decide



    Williamon A, Ginsborg J, Perkins R, & Waddell G (2021), Performing Music Research: Methods in Music Education, Psychology, and Performance Science, Oxford University Press [ISBN 9780198714545] [WEBSITE].

    Articles and chapters


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