Caitlin ShaughnessyResearch Associate
Royal College of Music

    Caitlin Shaughnessy is a Research Associate in the CPS, working as part of the HEartS Professional and ProMiMiC teams. Her research interests are centred on the importance of music in everyday life as a medium for shared experience, supporting well-being and creative expression. In 2021 she completed her PhD at the University of Roehampton, funded by an ESRC studentship, which explored the role of musical play for autistic children and their families, focusing on everyday strategies for musical development. Her other research projects have examined the role of music for supporting wellbeing in perinatal care, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the arts sector, self-regulation during musical learning in the early years and the role of music in maintaining language for people living with dementia. Her research has been funded by the ESRC, the Wellcome Trust and the Society for Music, Education and Psychology Research.


    Current projects

    HEartS Professional


    Shaughnessy C, Perkins R, Spiro N, Waddell G, & Williamon A (forthcoming), Cultivating progressive development in the cultural industries: challenges and support needs identified by the creative workforce in the United Kingdom, Cultural Trends [DOI]

    Shaughnessy C, Hall A, & Perkins R (2024), Becoming the right musician for the job: versatility, connectedness, and professional identities during personalized, online music-making in hospital maternity wards, Musicae Scientiae, 28, 58-75 [DOI].

    Spiro N, Sanfilippo KRM, McConnell BB, Pike-Rowney G, Bonini Baraldi F, Brabec BVan Buren K, Camlin DA, Cardoso TMÇifdalöz BU, Cross I, Dumbauld B, Ettenberger M, Falkenberg K, Fouché S, Frid E, Gosine J, graham-jackson al, Grahn, JL, Harrison K, Ilari B, Mollison S, Morrison SJ, Pérez-Acosta G, Perkins R, Pitt J, Rabinowitch TC, Robledo JP, Roginsky E, Shaughnessy C, Sunderland N, Talmage A, Tsiris G, & de Wit K (2023), Perspectives on musical care throughout the life course: introducing the Musical Care International Network, Music & Science, 6, 1-18 [DOI].

    Spiro N, Shaughnessy C, Waddell G, Perkins R, Campbell A, & Williamon A (2023), Modelling arts professionals’ wellbeing and career intentions within the context of COVID-19, PLOS One, 18 (e0292722), 1-22 [DOI].

    Spiro N, Yang J, Shaughnessy C, Churan L, Perkins R, Waddell G, & Williamon A (2023), Work and wellbeing among arts professionals in China during COVID-19 (August 2020 and October 2021), Social Sciences and Humanities Open, 8 (100691), 1-9 [DOI].

    Shaughnessy C*, Perkins R*, Spiro N, Waddell G, Campbell A, & Williamon A (2022), The future of the cultural workforce: perspectives from early career arts professionals on the challenges and future of the cultural industries in the context of COVID-19, Social Sciences and Humanities Open, 6 (100296), 1-12 [DOI]. *Joint first authors

    Lisboa T, Shaugnessy C, Voyajolu A, & Ockelford A (2021), Promoting the musical engagement of autistic children in the early years through a program of parental support: an ecological research study, Music & Science, 4, 1-24 [DOI].

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