Hansjörg SchmidtPerformer in Residence
Lighting Designer

    Hansjörg is a lighting designer, working regularly with a group of UK based practitioners, artists and theatre companies. He is Deputy Director of Production Arts at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

    Some recent designs and collaborations (2019-2023): Snow (clod ensemble), SHARP (with Roger Kneebone/Imperial College), First Touch (Nottingham Playhouse), The Sky Is Filled with Thunder and We Are Not Finished (fevered sleep), This Is My Room and On The High Road (clod ensemble), Dido and Aeneas (Stormen, Norway), Richard 2 (tangle).

    Hansjörg is very passionate about access to education and training and regularly collaborates on projects that foster knowledge exchange and aim to build meaningful career paths into the creative arts for anyone, from any background. He is a member of Stage Sight.

    Current publications: Traces, in: Contemporary Performance Lighting (Methuen, 2023), and Light and environment in Fevered Sleep’s work (On Light, Theatre and Performance Design, Autumn 2023).

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