Adele Mason-BertrandQualitative Research Assistant
HEartS Project Manager
Royal College of Music

    Adele Mason-Bertrand is a Qualitative Research Assistant at the Royal College of Music and is Project Manager for the HEartS project. Adele completed her PhD in Sociology, which focussed on the cosplaying subculture whose members emulate characters from geek media. This work was funded through the ESRC with Adele receiving the John Westergaard Award and the Sir Harry Kroto Prize for her research on cosplay. She also completed her BA in Sociology at the University of Sheffield as well as an MA in Social Research. Adele holds a particular interest in using qualitative methods to gain an understanding of the social world, especially through the use of ethnographic methods. Her areas of interest include identity, mental health, and exploring social phenomenon from the perspectives of her research participants.


    Current projects



    Spiro N, Perkins R, Kaye S, Tymoszuk U, Mason-Bertrand A, Cossette I, Glasser S, & Williamon A (2021), The effects of COVID-19 Lockdown 1.0 on working patterns, income, and wellbeing among performing arts professionals in the United Kingdom (April-June 2020), Frontiers in Psychology, 11 (594086), 1-17 [DOI].

    Perkins R, Mason-Bertrand A, Fancourt D, Baxter L, & Williamon A (2020), How participatory music engagement supports mental wellbeing: a meta-ethnography, Qualitative Health Research, 30, 1924-1940 [DOI].

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