Joshua ByrnePerformer in Residence
Bespoke Tailor

    Joshua’s work as a bespoke tailor is rooted in a centuries-old tradition, yet it marks a radical departure. Joshua learned his craft through two apprenticeships at leading houses on London’s Savile Row – first as a coat maker at Anderson & Sheppard, then as a cutting tailor at Henry Poole & Co. These gave him a deep understanding of the principles and skills which underpin traditional tailoring. At the end of 2006, Joshua left Henry Poole & Co. to establish his own tailoring house.

    In traditional tailoring, the starting point is a pre-existing pattern or ‘block’ that is adapted to each customer’s size and shape without changing the underlying design. Joshua has developed a radical and unconventional alternative approach. Instead of working from an existing pattern, he starts by identifying what each customer wants a garment to do for them and how they wish to wear it. He then creates a unique solution, aligning that person’s needs and wishes with his own deep knowledge of fabrics, techniques and traditions. The garment is then refined through a series of fittings until it he and his customer are satisfied.

    This creative relationship between customer and tailor resonates with other kinds of performing and reflects Joshua’s fascination with domains of practice beyond his own field. He has taken part in many engagement activities with experts outside tailoring, especially those that challenge him to think beyond the traditional boundaries of his craft.

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