Perform Project

Experiential Learning to Develop and Enhance Performance Skills

The Perform Project pioneers new approaches and processes that enable experiential learning and support the development and enhancement of performance skills.

Throughout higher education, an imbalance has been identified between the time and resources devoted to didactic teaching and the typical catalysts of actual understanding and behavioural change. Concurrently, performers of all types report that their training sometimes leaves them feeling unprepared to cope with the demands of professional life. As a result, students are coming to expect more diverse learning opportunities that provide valuable hands-on experience.

The Perform Project is examining the impact of experiential learning on skill acquisition and performance across the arts, business, and science. The project is identifying key properties of effective learning, including factors that moderate the successful application of skills in real-world contexts. It is also pioneering new approaches to ‘interdisciplinary experiential learning’, where performers observe and experience the challenges of performance through the lens of another field, allowing them to draw back relevant skills and insight to their own domain.

The project aims to inform and shape higher education curricula in the arts, business, and science, offering enhanced long-term outcomes for performers in these fields.

Project team

Terry Clark (PI)
Beate Baldwin
Bruno Cotta
Guy Gambrel
Roger Kneebone
Aaron Williamon


Executive Education,
Imperial College Business School

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Project outputs will be posted here in due course.

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