Performing Science

Examining the performance of science

Performing science crosses disciplinary boundaries to investigate how scientists and engineers work, and develop their identities, in research-intensive settings.

This unconventional project will explore what it means to perform in science, engineering, medicine and business at Imperial College London, one of the world’s leading research-intensive universities. Its groundbreaking work will document the lived experiences of doing, becoming and communicating which often escape attention in publications and other third-person outputs of scientific research. By examining the worlds of science and engineering through a performance lens we will shed new light on the human experience of doing scientific work. 

The project will include observing, documenting and analysing laboratory and workshop practices; exploring what it means to develop one’s identity as a scientist or engineer; and examining the complex nature of communication within and beyond the university.

Further insights into what it means to perform as a professional in these fields will come from the CPS. In addition to its scholarly expertise, the Centre will provide access to leading experts in music and other performing arts, high level sport, safety-critical industries, and other relevant domains. 

Project team

Roger Kneebone, Imperial (PI)
Giulia Frezza, Imperial
Martyn Kingsbury, Imperial
Aaron Williamon, RCM

Supported by 

Imperial College Learning & Teaching Strategy

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Project outputs will be listed here in due course.

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