We offer regular opportunities to take part in performance science research and events. See the list below to participate.


General public

WHAT: Complete this #AudienceResearch survey to help shed light on the experience of listening to a musical performance. It takes only 10 minutes, and you’ll watch a short video with audio.

WHO: Anyone aged 16 and over.

WHERE: Worldwide.

WHEN: Open.

This survey is part of a research study conducted by Maren Bosma (supervised by George Waddell) as part of her Master of Music in Performance degree.

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General public

WHAT: Complete the #HEartSMusic survey to help explore a surprising gap in understanding: The relationship in the general population between musical habits, behaviours, and activities on the one hand and outcomes for mental and social wellbeing on the other. With the ambition of being with largest study of its kind, #HEartSMusic aims to shape music’s role in society and elucidate its value for public health.

WHO: For UK residents aged 18 and over.

WHERE: UK residents only.

WHEN: Open.

HEartS is a major public health study, funded by the AHRC, striving to advance our understanding of how arts and cultural engagement in the UK can support people’s lives.

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Lecture Series

WHAT: Professor Roger Kneebone has been awarded a Visiting Professorship in Medical Education at the prestigious Gresham College in London. He will be delivering a series of lectures which will explore the nontraditional aspects of medical education and training through performance.

WHO: Professor Roger Kneebone.

WHERE: Attend at Gresham College, London (no reservations are required, places are run on a first-come, first-served basis, or view the lectures online.

WHEN: From October 2018-May 2019.

Created especially for Professor Kneebone, the Visiting Professorship of Medical Education at Gresham College was created in 2018 and covers the training and education of medical professionals.

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WHAT: Countercurrents: conversations with Professor Roger Kneebone.

WHO: Roger Kneebone, joined by those whose careers defy traditional boundaries.

WHERE: iTunes podcasts.

WHEN: Bimonthly.

A podcast for people who like the unexpected. Join the surgeon and academic Professor Roger Kneebone in conversation with unorthodox people whose careers defy traditional boundaries and who swim against the tide.

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WHAT: Complete a 10-minute online survey investigating how musicians use goals and strategies to direct their practice.

WHO: Student and professional classical musicians (aged 18+).

WHERE: Worldwide.

WHEN: Open.

The Optimal Music Performance project examines musicians’ practice quality and motivation in order to identify how practice can be made more beneficial, enjoyable, systematic, and of a better quality.

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