Musical Impact

A Study of Musicians’ Health and Wellbeing

Musical Impact investigates the demands of making music with the aim of enhancing musicians’ health and wellbeing.

Few pursuits are as dynamic and enjoyable as making music. Physical and mental wellbeing can shape how musicians pursue their art and the pleasure they take from it. The results of recent research, however, suggest that pain and ill health are widespread among musicians and that healthy approaches to training and working in music are far from uniform throughout the profession.

Musical Impact is generating new knowledge of the physical and mental demands of making music, contributing insight into chronic and acute health problems and examining effective strategies for promoting health across educational and professional contexts.

The project is a national initiative of Conservatoires UK, drawing on a network of musicians, scientists, and health professionals, in partnership with the Association of British Orchestras (ABO), the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM), Help Musicians UK, the International Health Humanities Network (IHHN), and the Musicians’ Union.

CPS team

Aaron Williamon, RCM (PI)
Liliana Araújo, RCM
Louise Atkins, RCM
Terry Clark, RCM
Rosie Perkins, RCM

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