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Collaborative Insights
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Musical Care Throughout the Life Course

Neta Spiro
Katie Rose M. Sanfilippo

Oxford University Press

Collaborative Insights introduces the term musical care: the role that music – music listening as well as music-making – plays in supporting any aspect of people’s developmental or health needs, for example physical and mental health, cognitive and behavioural development, and interpersonal relationships. The book provides interdisciplinary insight into how musical care is understood and undertaken during different stages of the life course and offers a variety of perspectives from practitioners and researchers. Chapters cover the entire life course and authors reflects on the role of musical care at each life stage.

Understanding the Path to Mastery

Roger Kneebone


What could a lacemaker have in common with vascular surgeons? A Savile Row tailor with molecular scientists? A fighter pilot with jazz musicians? At first glance, very little. But Roger Kneebone is the expert on experts, having spent a lifetime finding the connections. In Expert, he combines his own experiences as a doctor with insights from extraordinary people and cutting-edge research to map out the path we’re all following – from ‘doing time’ as an Apprentice, to developing your ‘voice’ and taking on responsibility as a Journeyman, to finally becoming a Masterand passing on your skills. As Kneebone shows, although each outcome is different, the journey is always the same. Whether you’re developing a new career, studying a language, learning a musical instrument or simply becoming the person you want to be, this ground-breaking book reveals the path to mastery.

Performing Music Research
Methods in Music Education, Psychology, and Performance Science

Aaron Williamon
Jane Ginsborg
Rosie Perkins
George Waddell

Oxford University Press

Performing Music Research is a comprehensive guide to research in music performance. It reviews the knowledge and skills needed to critique existing studies in music education, psychology, and performance science, and to design and carry out new investigations. Methodological approaches are highlighted across the book in ways that help researchers bring precision to their research questions, select methods that are appropriate for addressing their questions, and apply those methods systematically and rigorously. Each chapter contains a study guide comprising a chapter summary, a list of keywords, and suggestions for further discussion. The book concludes with a resources section, including a glossary and supplementary material to support advanced statistical analysis.

Musicians in the Making
Pathways to Creative Performance

John Rink
Helena Gaunt
Aaron Williamon

Oxford University Press

Musicians in the Making explores the creative development of musicians in both formal and informal learning contexts. It promotes a novel view of creativity, emphasizing its location within creative processes rather than understanding it as an innate quality. It argues that such processes may be learned and refined, and furthermore that collaboration and interaction within group contexts carry significant potential to inform and catalyze creative experiences and outcomes. The book also traces and models the ways in which creative processes evolve over time. Performers, music teachers and researchers will find the rich body of material assembled here engaging and enlightening. The book’s three parts focus in turn on ‘Creative learning in context’, ‘Creative processes’ and ‘Creative dialogue and reflection’. In addition to sixteen extended chapters written by leading experts in the field, the volume includes ten ‘Insights’ by internationally prominent performers, performance teachers and others. Practical aids include abstracts and lists of keywords at the start of each chapter, which provide useful overviews and guidance on content.

Musical Excellence
Strategies and Techniques to Enhance Performance

Aaron Williamon

Oxford University Press

Musical Excellence offers performers, teachers, and researchers, new perspectives and practical guidance for enhancing performance and managing the stress that typically accompanies performance situations. It draws together, for the first time in a single collection, the findings of pioneering initiatives from across the arts and sciences. Specific recommendations are provided alongside comprehensive reviews of existing theory and research, enabling the practitioner to place the strategies and techniques within the broader context of human performance and encouraging novel ways of conceptualizing music making and teaching.

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