Ula TymoszukResearch Associate | Project Manager
Royal College of Music

    Ula Tymoszuk is Research Associate and Project Manager for the HEartS project, and an honorary Research Associate at Imperial College London. Her research focuses on social relationships across the lifespan and their association with health and wellbeing. In addition to social connectedness, she has been investigating the health benefits of cultural participation and the role of arts-based interventions in reducing social isolation and loneliness in older adults.

    Ula completed her PhD research in Social Epidemiology at University College London. During this time she co-founded Social Connections, Cohesion and Health (SOCCAH), a cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional networking group interested in social relationships and health.

    Email: ula.tymoszuk@rcm.ac.uk

    Current projects

    Loneliness and Mental Health



    Tymoszuk U, Perkins R, Fancourt D, & Williamon A (2020), Cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between receptive arts engagement and loneliness among older adults, Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology55, 891-900 [DOI].

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