We offer regular opportunities to take part in performance science research and events. See the list below to participate.



WHAT: Countercurrents: conversations with Professor Roger Kneebone.

WHO: Roger Kneebone, joined by those whose careers defy traditional boundaries.

WHERE: iTunes podcasts.

WHEN: Bimonthly.

A podcast for people who like the unexpected. Join the surgeon and academic Professor Roger Kneebone in conversation with unorthodox people whose careers defy traditional boundaries and who swim against the tide.

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WHAT: Complete a 5 to 15 minute survey on your pre-performance routines.

WHO: For classical musicians (professionals and students 18+).

WHERE: Worldwide.

WHEN: Open.

The survey is part of CPS doctoral candidate Berenice Beverley Zammit’s research examining pre-performance routines in classical musicians.

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WHAT: Complete a 15-minute, online survey to investigate skill acquisition, motivation, and practice quality.

WHO: For conservatoire students (aged 18+).

WHERE: Currently studying at the Royal College of Music.

WHEN: Open.

The Optimal Music Performance project examines musicians’ practice quality and motivation in order to identify how practice can be made more beneficial, enjoyable, systematic, and of a better quality.

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Anyone affected by cancer

WHAT: Join a free choir (no experience required) or take part from home.

WHO: For anyone affected by cancer, including patients, staff, carers, and bereaved.

WHERE: London and Surrey. Also take part from home.

WHEN: Open.

Sing with Us investigates how singing in choirs affects mental health and wellbeing, quality of life, social support, stress levels, and immune function in people affected by cancer.

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