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The Centre for Performance Science takes a strongly interdisciplinary approach to investigating performance, accessing expertise and facilities across the Royal College of Music and Imperial College London.

Originally founded in 2000 at the Royal College of Music, the CPS has become an internationally distinctive centre for research, teaching, and knowledge exchange in music performance science. In 2015 we opened a new chapter in performance science: a cross-institutional partnership between the Royal College of Music and Imperial College London.

Performance is at the very core of progress in the arts, business, education, medicine, science, and sport. Increasingly, new methods and technologies are emerging that allow us to understand better how and why we perform and the reasons we find great performances so compelling.

The new CPS, named an Imperial Centre of Excellence, is an ambitious collaboration aimed at tackling major challenges of performance across a wide array of domains. The RCM and Imperial are uniquely positioned to undertake this activity, with partnerships spanning the arts, medicine, engineering, natural sciences, and business. Our vision is that by understanding how skilled performers meet the distinctive challenges of their work, often under intense stress and public scrutiny, performance will serve both as a source of inspiration and a rich resource for research.


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